I have worked with many prestigious clients and music artist that some of my events team have worked with via staging, make up or events. Working closely with my events team it is possible to arrange a celebrity guest, Titan or any other entertainment for your wedding or event. For those not familiar with Titan the Robot, is the way forward to entertainment and works brilliantly at any event. Titan can entertain the crowd by singing, dancing and talking to various members of the audience. A real show stopper. More images of Titan on TV & Film. Here are a few images of the many artists myself and my events team have worked with.

Requests on Artists, Titan or any other entertainment contact me for further details. Strictly Terms & conditions apply.

JLS in Concert

Plan B in Concert

Florence & The Machine


Bonnie Tyler in Concert

Titan with Rihanna in Rehearsals

Rihanna in Concert with Titan

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